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a Singer

Jayanta Chattopadhyay is the youngest son of Late Sangeetacharya Vishmadev Chattopadhyay. Jayanta had taken initial talim from his father and further lessons from his father’s disciples - Rajkumar Shyamanand Singh and Shri Suresh Chakraborty after the death of his father. Jayanta, who has established himself as a classical singer is a good performing artist. He attended many dias programmes. He took training on musicology for nine years from the eminent musicologist Late Dr. Bimal Roy. He took Jayanta in his confidence and bequeathed all his research works and collections on music to him.

a Composer

Jayanta is a good lyricist as well as a good composer. He has a good many number of published and unpublished composition in his store. His first publication of cassette is ‘Surchhaya’ wherein he tuned twelve Hindi Chhayabadi poems (first such attempt in Eastern Zone) published by Hindustan Record Company. He has a mind to publish cassettes with his own compositions in near future.

a Research Scholar

Jayanta is also a research worker. He is fascinated with the work of finding fact behind the scene. This impulse leads him to visit the remote places of Rajasthan and collect the original folk tune. He also visited the remote places of. Chhattisgarh, Chandil Jharkhand to collect the tribal music. He was a visiting lecturer on Music Therapy at Swani Santadas Institute of Culture where he used to deliver lecture on Music Therapy in relation with Rajyoga. He also conducted a workshop on Music Therapy to examine the effect of music on mentally retarded students at Bhadreswar arranged by Shelter where 24 institutions from West Bengal participated.


an Organiser

Jayanta had arranged for an assemblage of his father’s disciples under one umbrella to keep enliven the music of his father immediately after his demise. He had organized many functions on the dias as well as in-house programmes. The founding spirit behind Vishmadev Memorial Trust is Jayanta himself. He has introduced a special course on music and opened a Music Academy under the Trust.

a Teacher

Jayanta is in the teaching line for more than twenty three years. At present he is running a Music Academy - Vishmadev Memorial Trust Music Academy in memory of his father where regular classes on Gharana talim are held. The course set by Jayanta approved by eminent musicologist Late Dr. Bimal Roy is very beneficial to the beginners as the method is scientific in its approach. He applies special technique finger setting for Harmonium playing. For the senior students he takes special classes on gharana talim without any time bar. Besides, Jayanta conducts music camp off and on with the senior students. Occasional educational trips are also organized by him. He penetrates the remote corner of the villages to collect the music of the soil and impart the first hand knowledge to his students. He conducts Music Workshops at the remote parts of the country specially in the region of North East where he trains students as well as Teachers of different schools and make them ready for dias programme. He takes both practical and theoretical classes to impress the participants with Nation’s culture & heritage.

a Writer

Jayanta is a successful writer. Other than many a scattered writing he has written a book on musical personalities namely ‘Kothai Gelo Tara’ which is applauded by the connoisseurs of music. The second edition of this book is going to be released very soon. The chapter on Khyal in the book on Learning music, published by Central Government for their National Institute of Open School was prepared by Jayanta. More than 5 lacs students throughout the country follow that lesson. His book of poems namely, 'Khuje Berai' is published in the Kolkata Book Fair held in January, 2004.

a Film-maker

Jayanta is very keen to pull out unrecognized talents. His prime objective is to uphold the talents in their respective places and focus them in the present perspective. As such he has chosen the visual media which can reach the remote corner to exercise the necessary impact. He is in the line of preparing documentary films on the eminent personalities.
The film, Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan –ekti anweshan based on the life and work of eminent Sitarist Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan of Jaipur Senia Gharana will throw light on the unknown fact of the life of Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan and his musical abilities and talent. The target viewer of the film produced and directed by Jayanta is present generation who are not aware of their heritage and culture.
The film on the life and work of sculptor Madhab Bhattacharya produced and directed by Jayanta is under process.
The bilingual film based on the life and work of Sangeetacharya Vishmadev Chattopadhyay will be released on 8th Nov, 2008, the 100th birth anniversary of Sangeetacharya Vishmadev Chattopadhyay.
He also makes video documentation of his research work on folk and tribal music. The culture of Hmar and Dimasa of Assam, the Rajasthani folk music are the subject of his forthcoming film.
Other documentary films- A Musical summer in Germany was released in Kolkata Book Fair, 2007. The sequel-An Interesting Trip to Germany is going to be released in Kolkata Book Fair, 2008. Top

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